Shooting your basketball is perhaps the most important skill that you need to master. Basically, a shot is a combination of everything else: how you are able to control the ball, control your body as well as your precision. You need to be able to make the correct decision of when to shoot your ball or when to pass it. You don’t have to have the perfect height or strength to shoot your ball. With practice and skill, you still can shake the net.

In order to shoot a basketball nicely these three things need to be considered: Standing, holding and shooting


Unlike when you dribble your ball, when preparing to shoot, your feet need to move closer together. They should be no further than shoulder width apart and can preferably be even closer. Your shooting foot should be slightly ahead of the other foot (usually, your shooting foot and shooting arm are your dominant foot and arm).

Your feet should be turning slightly toward your non-dominant hand so that your hip, shoulder and elbow are facing the basket. This will help you to increase your precision and the power of the shot.

  1.     HOLDING

    The way you hold your ball mostly decides how it will be shot and the direction it will go. In order to hold your ball correctly, you need to

    Hold the ball at your waist or thigh level (higher than when you are dribbling)
    Have your shooting arm, leg, shoulder and hip facing the basket
    Your eyes should be looking the basket instead of your ball (just like when you are driving, you look at the road to get there, not the wheel). Looking at your ball or something else will reduce your precision.
    Also, you should position your elbow under your ball (not to the side) because most of the time, you are shooting upward to the basket unless you are making a dunk.
    You non-dominant hand should be slightly closer to you compared to your dominant hand when you are holding the ball. Your dominant hand should be slightly closer to the top of the ball when the other hand should be placed near to the bottom so that it can support the weight of your shot.
    You might also have learnt from your class that there should be a little space between your palm and the ball so that it will be able to roll off your fingers. Spread your fingers wide to have better control of the ball.

    3.      SHOOTING

    When you take the shot, remember to look at the net instead of your ball.

    When you release your ball, continue to let your body to follow the flight of your ball. This will enhance the distance and accuracy of the shot.

    Straighten your knees (you were flexing it) to take the jump. You should be jumping upward and little forward instead of jumping at the same spot. At the first time, you might feel that it reduces your accuracy but with practice, you will find that your shot is much stronger when you jump forward.

    The key to make a nice shot is to relax your muscles and be one with the ball. With constant practice, you will get there.