How to Play – Solitaire Accordion Card Game

Hey guys it’s Carrie Anne from EverythingMom and I’m sure you’re no stranger to solitaire. It is a great card game that you probably played on your computer when you should be working but I actually came across a different type of solitaire game. It’s actually my new addiction. I’m sharing it with my kids and I want to share with you, something that you guys could play at home. This solitaire game is called accordion and you’ll understand when you sort of see how it’s played. So you’re going to need one full deck of cards already shuffled.

The rules are simple. You’re going to turn one card over at a time and the object is to try and match with the two rules you can match the card immediately to the left or as you put more cards down, the third card to the left and what you’re trying to matches either suits or numbers. And if you can’t do a match you just keep turning the cards over.

So 7 to 7 and the great thing is it’s not just that turn. In this case when I move the seven I have a diamond so now i can move the diamond on top of the diamond and the idea is to make the least amount of piles possible. So when I move this Queen on the Queen I can also look here. Third card to the left is a club so I can move this over. And even though I have a King here and I have a King over here it is only the card immediately to the left which isn’t a match or the third card over which is 123 which also isn’t a match.

So if you can’t do anything you just put the next card down. so the club to the club and the King to the King. I just slide everything over and whenever you make a turn you want to double check that that turn may open up other moves. Sometimes when you get on the role of matching suits you forget about the numbers or if you get on the matching numbers you forget the suit so it’s just double checking. Ultimately you’re going to go through the whole deck until you played all your cards out and you want to get down to the least number of piles possible. We played as a family we played this game where one person had i think the minimum number we had with two piles but we had one turn where it was actually 27 piles.

An accordion is a great alternative to solitaire. When I demonstrated it looks like it’s kind of a slow game but as you get familiar with the rules, the matching the suit and matching the numbers and only matching to the one right to the left and the third to the left it actually moves quite quickly. All admit I get kind of addictive playing the game. This is one of many sort of solitaire games i know with kids i’m always looking for alternative ideas to entertain them.

Ao I’m curious if you have any great solitaire games that you would like to share with us. I’d love to learn them so leave it below and don’t forget if you so desire to be sure to hit the subscribe button if you want to see more sort of fun kind of family gains a little bit family travel and thanks a lot for coming by and hope you guys get a play a little bit of card games with your family and will speak to you soon. Bye.