Online Gaming Security Survey

Have you noticed how everyday there is more and more people playing online video games? Online gaming has a lot of people sharing sensitive information with strangers. Here at Cal State LA we conducted several interviews among students to see how secure their online gaming is. Here is what they had to say. Have I ever let anyone that I don’t know from the game a random person be my friend on social media? And the answer would be, no, I have not. I don’t show my online friends any of my Facebook or Instagram more because I want to protect my privacy, and keep real life and online separate.

I mean I have like two that I do. I do let my gaming friends follow me on my social media depending on how long I’ve known them. I trust most of them. Most of the people that I play with are my friends in real life. I do trust them but more like in-game sort of trust. I’ll tell them about my day or whatever’s going on in my life, but I wouldn’t like give personal information.

The most sensitive information that I’ve given through a game, my actual name. My last name as well. That I live in L.A. County and that I’m going to Cal State LA My personal online accounts. I don’t like to give out like oh, here’s my address by the way. Nothing too personal really.

I’ve blocked quite a few people online. More because they’re quite toxic, or they might be trolls, or spam you. There’s just a lot of anonymity so you know, with that comes harassment. sexism Really negative in the game. I must have blocked like 60 fake profiles. Online gaming is like, you’re putting yourself out in a really big world.

And there’s always people that can IP hack, and like steal your credit cards. I do know a person that has been a victim of online hacking. Two people actually. I have a specific friend who experienced online hacking, where she had her items taken away from all her accounts. Whatever money they have or let’s say they do have their credit card linked and then they, you know, use their credit card and purchase things. When I heard about them getting hacked, I assumed that they shared their information with someone online.

They’ve put their information on a website they shouldn’t have. People like to go into free giveaways online and most of the time they’re not legitimate. Just mainly based on appearance of the site you can determine a lot. Do I have social media accounts, or credit cards that are linked to any of these games? I do.

I do have my credit card attached. When I do make a purchase the only information that I have to enter is the CVV number in the back of the card I don’t have any credit cards attached to my gaming accounts. If I ever want to buy in-game currency I’ll always have to re-type my card just for that. More extra level of security. The username and password I entered for my gaming account, It is the same for my username and password for other accounts. I have a specific in-game name just for gaming.

For my password, I have five different combinations, for different gaming sites. The password for all my games is different. Like a thirty case password. Pretty much all my accounts and my usernames are always different but my password is pretty much the same. I keep my password for gaming, though, different than my password that I use for my email or anything work related. My gaming account name is definitely different than my bank accounts and everything else.

They’re all the same, same account name, same, everything’s the same. I really like the security question where I get to create my own, so it’s more based towards me, and no one else can know about it. My security questions again it’s kind of like my password. I use the same one for, you know, for fun accounts, for like gaming and stuff. but for work I use a different one. You know if someone does happen to find out one of my questions.

You know, it’s not always the same for all my accounts. I only have one computer for gaming. I don’t access my games through other computers. I only access through my desktop at home. I access it through one computer. I don’t access my games from multiple computers.

I never use my friends computers. I don’t ever use a friend’s computer to play a game. I probably wouldn’t. I don’t want to accidentally leave myself logged in and then leave some sort of potential for drama. Are you secure? Hackers and identity theft are no joke.

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