Roulette Odds

The difference between odds to win and house advantage is odds to win is the chance of you winning a particular bet, for example, in roulette if you play one number the odds of you winning are 1 in 38 spins (there are 38 possibilities 1-36 plus 0 and 00) or 2.63% of the time.

House advantage is the casinos take from that bet, to follow the above example, if there was 0% house advantage and you played $1 on your favorite number, you would be paid $37 every time your number came up, which by the odds would be once in 38 spins, so you would win $37 once in 38 spins and lose $1 37 times in those 38 spins. Win $37, lose $37 net gain for you and the casino $0.

However, the casinos only pays you $35 for that win, so in 38 spins you win $35 once, and lose $1 37 times for a net gain of minus $2. The casino gets that $2, so for every $38 bet, the house rakes $2 for an advantage of 5.26%.

So in odds to win; the higher the percentage the better chance you have to win, and in house advantage; the lower the percentage the better the payout.

Obviously a bet with a 50% chance to win and 0% house advantage would be perfect, but it doesn’t exist, so try to get as close as you can. In the above example (one number) you have only have a 2% chance of winning and the house is getting 5% of everything you bet.

Knowing the odds to win a bet and the house percentage are keys to winning, no matter which game you choose to play.

Roulette is unique in the house percentage because all except one bet have the same 5.26% edge.

The only bet with a higher house take is the “First Five”, with 7.89%

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